Turn your iPad
into a magic notebook.

Penbook lets you create perfect digital notebooks from hundreds of dynamic stationeries, themes, and colors.

Live Paper, as smart as your iPad.

Your iPad knows what day it is. Why shouldn't your notes? Penbook's Live Paper stationery helps you keep time (and date) while you plan your month, diarize your day, or track your habits.

Write on more than 1,000 intelligent stationeries.

Choose from a pre-configured notebook, or easily design your own. Mix and match paper, change layouts, and choose your favorite colors.

Weekly planner

Made for Apple Pencil

Penbook is deeply, madly in love with Apple Pencil. Does Apple Pencil love it back? We like to think so. (Other styli also welcome.)

Nice things people have said about Penbook:


It’s replaced GoodNotes for me.


Excellent design and many cool features.

from palm12345

It feels like an Apple app.


My next favourite app for Apple Pencil.


Just what I've been looking for since I got my iPad.


Such a handy app! Great productivity.


Best notes app for my Apple Pencil.


One of the best note-taking apps.


Great note-taking app.


It helps me out so much for school!


Favorite note taking app for school!!

from Ythgf:

Beautiful writing experience.

from skakakz:

The app is perfect.

from SSifuent:

I use this app DAILY!

from Heli-girl:

This is what I've been looking for!

from magnus88umg:


from pototobug

Lovely + easy to use

from etha/n

Huge asset in my workflow for UX design.

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