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Please check the app's manual and frequently-asked questions below. If your question isn't covered, email our support for a prompt reply.
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How do I use the ruler? 

Press the Ruler icon on the drawing toolkit. You can move it by dragging it with one finger, and rotate it by placing two fingers on it and twisting.

To remove the ruler, just press the Ruler icon again on the drawing toolkit.

How do I share a single page of my notebook?

Open your notebook and navigate to the page you wish to share.

Then, tap the Share icon in the toolbar. A share sheet will appear, allowing you to share your notebook page as a PNG (image) file.

How do I export, edit, or delete an entire notebook?

From the main toolbar, tap twice on a notebook. A context menu with options for editing, deleting, or exporting the notebook as a PDF will appear.

How do I copy and paste ink?

You can copy and paste ink within Penbook, and also into any other app that uses PencilKit (like the built-in Notes app).

To cut, copy, or duplicate ink in Penbook, take these steps:

To paste ink in Penbook:

How to I manage my subscription to Penbook?

If you disable renewal, you will be able to continue to use your subscription's features until the current period runs out.