Penbook support

Download the manual

If you'd like to read or download Penbook's manual, use the button below.
Download manual (PDF)

I need help because:

I already bought Penbook, but the app says I need to upgrade.

  1. Open Penbook
  2. Tap 👤Account (top right)
  3. Tap "Restore Purchases" (you might have to scroll down a bit)

I want to cancel my subscription.

Using the device you installed Penbook on, tap the following link: (open it on the device with Penbook)

This will show you a list of your App Store subscriptions. You can cancel Penbook from here.

(If you don't see Penbook here, that means your Apple ID does not have a Penbook subscription.)

If you disable renewal, you will be able to continue to use your subscription's features until the current period runs out.

I want a refund.

We can't refund you directly; please contact Apple. Here are their instructions for requesting a refund:

My devices aren't synchronizing.

If you use Penbook on two or more devices and your work isn't synchronizing, here are some things to check:

If nothing there helps, you need to make a backup of your Penbook work, as follows:

  1. On your main device (the one that has all of your work, not the one that isn't receiving updates) tap 👤Account
  2. Tap "Penbook backup"
  3. Tap "Backup your books"
  4. Save your Penbook backup file to "On my iPad"

Now, please contact support through the app.

I've lost my work.

You may be able to recover some snapshots of your work by tapping 👤Account, then "Penbook backup", then "Export page snapshots". Please contact support through the app for further assistance.

Contact Support

It's always best to contact support through the app, by tapping 👤Account, then "Get Support". This gives us the IDs and logs we need to help you.

If you have Penbook installed, please email us through the app.

If that's not possible, you can also contact us directly, below.
Contact support